Monday, 4 May 2015

Geoff's Jawa & Tiddler Turner

From Geoff D in Lincolnshire. I love old speedway bikes' asymmetrical bars.

As it was a nice day in Lincs today I took a few pics of my Jawa that may be of interest. 

The Tiddler Turner story [in Sideburn 20] was great and brought back a lot of memories. I put a link to Sideburn on the Speedway Friends facebook page where it got a lot of interest as he was a very popular rider. I saw Ian ride many times including the meeting I've attached photos to. 

The engine on the Jawa hasn't been started since a rebuild but I do plan to give it a spin at Scunthorpe. I just need an original throttle and it's about ready. 

I also have Shawn Moran's 1990 World Championship (which he was later disqualified from) runners up GM which i'm putting back to how it would have been on that season. It won't be concours as i also intend to give it a spin when it's finished. I'm trying to get all the correct stickers at the moment and there are a lot to get because he plastered it with sponsors stickers! When it's finished i'll send a pic. 
Cheers Geoff

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Vote Tutti Frutti

The general election campaign in Britain is hotting up. I've voted Red, Yellow, and Green in the past. But the Greens are proposing to slash copyright laws and the tyres of big motorbikes, so they just lost my possible vote. My 6 year old son wants to run for Primeminister, and has some sweeping changes in his manifesto including 'ice-cream for breakfast'. As the big day approaches, and rival (grown-ups) parties start mud slinging each other, His philosophy is making more and more sense. BP

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Deus Biker Build-Off Milan

Gary is one of the judges at the Deus Biker Build-Off tomorrow (Sunday) in Milan.
NB. he has shaved his Chris Bonington beard off, so you may not recognise him unless you knew him when he was 15. Say "Ciao Bella!". BP

Paul Baleta: TT 2015

Our mate, and fellow DTRA racer, Paul Baleta (of the Speed Therapy blog) has been racing the Manx GP (the amateur TT) for the last few years and this year has an entry to the TT itself.
It is an incredibly expensive place to race, so Paul has launched a website where you can buy something to support him, a T-shirt, cap or even used set of TT tyres, or just chuck him a few quid and have your name on his bike.
Go to Paul Baleta TT 2015.

Good luck Paul. G

Friday, 1 May 2015

Harley 750 Street Race Bike

Sam from Vancouver, a veteran of Dirt Quake USA I, built this bike for a Canadian Harley contest. The basis for all the bikes in the competition is the new Harley 750 Street, the liquid-cooled 'entry level' bike. It's clearly meant to stir interest in a bike that is proving to be a bit of a slow burn, but some look great.

If you want to vote for Sam's bike, like we have, go to
Then click British Columbia
Then click the photo bike and Vote.
It takes 30 secs. You don't have to sign up or give any details

Some blurb on the bike...

We are Trev Deeley Motorcycles. We grew up racing in the dirt. We didn't build a "street tracker". We built a Dirt Track race bike. You won't find a horn, turn signals, head light or a tail light; instead just three number plates, dressed in Trev's racing number. No front brake, no front fender and no speedo on this machine either, there is no need for them. We trimmed the fat. No keys, just a tethered kill switch, custom stainless exhaust with a racing open end cap, spoked wheels, chain drive and proper race compound tires. Go fast, turn left.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tierra Patch/ Dirty Needle jacket last chance

Last chance to win this Brixton jacket (size M) customised by Dirty Needle Embroidery. You have until 8am tomorrow, May 1.
Just buy the Tierra patch, for £7.50 plus post, to be entered in the draw.

We will make and announce the draw tomorrow.

The prize will be sent anywhere in the world. There is no alternative prize or size.

To read more about the good cause this patch was made for, click Tierra. G

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Troy Bayliss's Mile Missile

This is the first shot (or computer-generated mock-up) we've seen of Troy Bayliss's Lloyd Brothers Ducati and it looks great. I wonder what all the hipster-haters* are going to think of this Scrambler-sponsored Mile weapon with a true legend on board? They won't know whether they should love it or hate it, but they'll wait for someone to tell them.

The former World Superbike champion is scheduled to race the five GNC miles this year, the first being Springfield at the end of May. And he's team mates with long-time friend of the mag, Johnny Lewis.

We featured the original Lloyd Brothers Ducati, from which this bike is a development, back in Sideburn 4, in 2009, jut saying. G

Troy Bayliss Race Calendar –AMA Pro Flat Track 2015 Series

 24 May - Springfield Mile (Round 3)
30 May - Sacramento Mile (Round 4)
4 July - Du Quoin Mile (Round 7)
11 July - Indy Mile (Round 8)
6 September - Springfield Mile II (Round 13)

* that's haters of hipsters, not hipsters who are haters

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

DTRA Round 1: Leicester

This is, I think, my eighth season of UK short track racing and I was looking forward to this one more than any before. I'm not getting much better at it, while some other people are getting way better, but there is such a good crowd and atmosphere that I couldn't wait for Leicester.
That's me above in my new Icon Hypersport Stealth jacket and trousers. The jacket was lettered up by a family business in Wigan called Joyda.
Here's why I was so excited. G

(All photos: Sideburn, except the one above: Baron73)

The UK scene is growing like never before and there are a lot of cool bikes we've never seen before. I knew about a lot of them, but not this one. 55R is Angelo from Sinner Supply in Belgium, one of three chopper-riding Belgians who have either bought or built framers over the winter to compete. His mate 85R, David is on a self-built SR500. And there are more to come.
The last of the Belgians, who actually performed the best on the day, was Bram on his Suzuki 600. Bunch of great guys bringing even more colour and variety to the DTRA.
This is a small line-up of the DTRA's 30-strong Rookie class entry. How good do these bikes look? 77R is photographer Sam Christmas. 

NEW PAINT.  Existing racers getting new paint jobs. This is Leah's killer Death Spray Custom KTM.
And Ross's equally bitchin' Death Spray KTM/Rotax framer.

After a good, but steady start to the DTRA vintage class in 2014, the category has exploded and mutated. Nick Ashley has retired his Cheney Triumph for this Harley WLA. Nick designs for exclusive UK clothing company Private White VC. He races in them too.
This is Jack on his Dad's BSA Empire Star. This bike was flying until the final when it got tangled up and managed to run over poor Paul Harrison twice in the same incident. 
Another Paul looked the absolute business on his Enfield, white shirt and open-face lid. I hope he doesn't mind me saying he was so slow he couldn't catch a cold, because he was out there, doing it. Respect. And then he came off track and shoved a pie in his face to recuperate. Screw your energy drinks. Double respect!

If you don't know him, let me explain. He is the nicest man you'll ever meet. He organises the series, with help of a handful of other people, including Anna his other-half. He helps make Dirt Quake happen too. On Sunday he ran around like a headless chicken sorting everything, then jumped on Wilky's Triumph and won the final. Awesome! That's his dad with him, Dickie, another legend.

We have hot shots like reigning champion Tim Neave - all Troy Lee'd up on the way to the playing a starring role in the most exciting final in UK history (and coming away with a broken scaphoid. Get well soon).
And, at the other end of the scale, we have Sid Snots like Milo with his pie plate on his back. 
We love them all!

The DTRA has some great sponsors including: Deus Ex Machina, DuckSmart, Nixon Watches, FTWCo, Barstow by 100% and House Industries who created the design and font for our official number plates. Oh, and Sideburn is a sponsor too.

Busy time, busy life, busy town, so it's good to spend a full boy's day out with my son. It's never the same when he can't make it. 

Next race is at Peterborough, a two-day and part of the MCN Festival of Motorcycling. There is going to be a special Transatlantic race that includes Kevin Schwantz and David Aldana and David Knight! G

Meanwhile in Mumbai

Josh getting his money worth out of an old Sideburn shirt.
Photo: Vir

Monday, 27 April 2015

Sideburn 1 and 2 on UK eBay

This sale is nothing to do with us, but lots of people ask about them, so we're passing on the info. Go to UK eBay to bid.

Sideburn was launched in 2008. Issue 2 came out six months later.