Thursday, 21 August 2014

Glemseck 101

After six years of making Sideburn, and travelling to many countries in Europe (and beyond) to promote it, we're finally making it out to Germany for the very first time.
Ben and Gary will be manning the Sideburn booth at the huge Glemseck 101 event, near Stuttgart, selling mags and stuff and generally being amiable Englanders.
Come and say 'Hallo, Sie sind viel schöner als ich dachte. Ich muss etwas kaufen.'

Artwork by

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Delivery News

This was the sight at Sideburn HQ yesterday, when the staff went on holiday. Any orders placed after 12 noon (UK time) on Tuesday 18th won't be sent till September 2. The notice below was on the shop when you ordered.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

As a consolation, one person ordering between now and September 1 will be entered into a prize draw to win a bunch of Sideburn goodies.

Once the warehouse and despatch departments are back at work we will have a few great new products in the Sideburn shop.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Warwick Johnson Cadwell

We have commissioned renowned cartoon artist Warwick Johnson Cadwell to produce an illustration for the next Sideburn.
Above is his (unrelated) drawing of Joan Jett as Boba Fett.
WJC worked with Tank Girl's writer, Alan Martin, replacing original artist Jamie Hewlett (a tough gig), to produce new a new Tank Girl book (Solid State Tank Girl) and, most recently, Young Tank Girl.

The Joan Jett reference gives us a chance to post some footage of The Runaways. Anyone complaining?

Oh, and Sideburn 18 will be out in mid-September. We're just putting some finishing touches to it. G

Monday, 18 August 2014

Peoria TT Main

The first start is red-flagged, so if you're pushed for time the re-start is around 18:30. G

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Italian Rookie Day

Following on from the Lonigo Golden Pairs post earlier this week...

Italy has a 20-year history of flat track. It was introduced by famed bike industry mover and shaker, the late Carlo Talamo. Talamo was the first serious importer of Harleys (and later Triumph) to Italy and commissioned 20 Wood Rotax racers for a one make series in Italy. (Note: Wood Rotax was the Harley factory's chosen single cylinder racer for short tracks and TT racers, where XR750s were inappropriate. H-D rebadged the Wood as Harley 500R's). Talamo also ran a Sportster-based series.

Racers like Marco Belli and Jacapo Monti  competed in the series, then went into flat track hibernation when the marketing potential of the series diminished and no one stepped up to keep the sport going.

That was until Peter Boast launched the UK series in 2005 and the Italians started regularly undertaking the huge drive out to England for our amateur races.

Now there is a growing scene,  regular races and a very competitive, but quite small championship in Italy.

Off the back of this renewed interest is a desire from less serious racers and road riders to have a taste of  flat track. Yamaha and Riders magazine got together (with additional support from BMW and Alpinestars) to host practice for over 100 rookies, some of them riding mildly modified SR400 road bikes.

Raffaele from the Streetracker blog was there and writes this...

International flat track rider Lele Marzotto and Riders magazine organized Golden Pairs in June, 21th and 22th, in Lonigo speedway track. Golden Pairs is a weekend of flat track and speedway races in a pair but, overall, in the last edition, it was a big opportunity (and totally free) for 110 novice riders to practice flat track for the first time. 

Riders mag involved Yamaha who supplied four SR400 for the mini courses managed by Lele Marzotto and Marco Belli (Marco modified the the SR with flat track seat and tyres). Other bikes were available thanks to Marzotto crew. 

Two little ovals were drawn in the large corners of the track where we learned the right position on the seat, and built confidence with the bike by doing donuts. Then we were given ten minutes of short laps of this mini oval of twenty meters. 

At the end of every day, the big experience of four laps on the speedway track on a stint of five or six riders at the time. Everybody ride brightly and nobody fall down with serious effects but overall everybody asked to organizer to repeat the experience as soon as possible. 
Now there is a facebook account to keep in touch Italian riders:

All photos: Raffaele Paolucci/ Streetracker except where stated.
Riders writer and Sideburn's friend Paolo Sormani seems to be enjoying himself
The photographer Raffaele Paolucci takes to the track. He shot the cover of Sideburn 11. (Photo: Ottonero)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Peoria TT This Sunday

Kenny Roberts only one it once (he was busy for the next few years reinventing GP racing in Yoorope).
Chris Carr won the GNC main a record 13 times.
Henry Wiles has won ten straight and only an idiot (or Brad Baker) would bet against. Baker is desperate to break the cycle. And lost out by 3/100ths last year.

All the action can be seen live, in high definition and free of charge, at

The Expert main event is scheduled to start at 4:30pm. Central time (google it). The Pro Singles main is scheduled for a 4pm CT green flag. On-track action will begin at 10:30am CT and opening ceremonies are slated for 1:30pm CT.

We'll post the recorded main here as soon as it's available. G

Friday, 15 August 2014

Lonigo Golden Pairs Report

Photo sent to us by the excellent Raffaelle from streetracker. This day of flat track went off at the Lonigo track in Italy in late July. This is part one of the report - the Golden Pairs.

On Saturday night, a lot of heats for the Golden Pairs race won by Fabrizio Vesprini and Francesco Cecchini with the Honda CRF450 Martin Technology of Fabrizio Vesprini Racing. The Dash for Cash was won by Francesco Cecchini and Gala race won by Gianluca Compri with a good number of spectactors.
Above and below, Lorenzo Buratti on the converted KTM 450 he brought all the way to England to race with the DTRA on the Friday before Dirt Quake.
#5 is SB fave Jacapo Monti.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sideburn on Instagram

Even if you don't have a smartphone or tablet device, you can still see what we put up on our Instagram feed by clicking the instagram icon (little brown camera thing) at the bottom of the right-hand column of this page (just above the list of blog posts - going back to early 2008!) or by clicking Sideburn Instagram.

If you do have one of those things, you can download the instagram app for free and follow @sideburnmag

Instagram is like twitter, but with more of a focus on images. Loads of stuff we put on Instagram doesn't get posted anywhere else. It's more content we throw out as freely as breadcrumbs to the ducks, in a sometimes vain attempt to get people to buy our under-priced, over-specced print magazine.

If you haven't bought the mag ever, or for a while, please do - here: Sideburn shop. It is incredible value for money. G

Leningrad Cowboys x Russian Red Army Choir x Tom Jones

One of the more bizarre cultural mash-ups of all time.  G

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Speed Merchant Thresher

This is The Speed Merchant Thresher and, as far as we know, it is the first ever custom Harley-Davidson Street that wasn't created by the factory themselves. We previously posted the Harley-Davidson Steeet 750 dirt track race bikes. 
H-D gave the bike to The Speed Merchant crew to build for the huge Californian custom show, Born Free. 
This started out as the 500cc version of H-D's new entry-level, liquid-cooled street bike. 
The Thresher features...

Raised tank
Modified sub frame
Handmade alloy seat pan and tail
Custom exhaust
Ohlins shocks
Chain Drive Conversion
Custom Sprocket Cover
Handmade battery box
Speed Merchant 39mm Mid Glide Trees
H-D 48 forks with Speed Merchant Preload Adjusters
Speed Merchant radial caliper bracket with Tokico calliper
Custom Aluminum Number Plate
Speed Merchant foot pegs
Sun rims laced to HD hubs
GSX-R controls
Built by: Brandon “Brawny Built” Holstein (one of the three founders of The Speed Merchant)